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Fritzi-Marie Titzmann

Published onAug 24, 2022
Fritzi-Marie Titzmann

Dr. Fritzi-Marie Titzmann has joined RePLITO in May 2021. After receiving her PhD from Humboldt University in 2013 with a dissertation on the Indian online matrimonial market, she has been working at the Institute of Indology and Central Asian Studies at Leipzig University (2014-21) and held a guest position at the Institute of Asian and African Studies, Humboldt University Berlin, in 2019. Her research focuses on gender, media and social change in contemporary India. She has published on questions related to family, sexuality, social activism and media representations in the South Asian context.

At RePLITO, Fritzi-Marie Titzmann works on a postdoctoral project titled “Mediatized Solidarity: Media Practices of Indian Protest Movements” that explores media practices, strategies, and associated discourses for the staging of solidarity by the example of recent Indian protest movements such as Shaheen Bagh (2019-20) and the Farmers’ Protest Movement (2020-21). The project places a special emphasis on the transnational mediation of protest activities and solidarity, as well as on the historical repertoires and future visions employed by these movements. Another dimension of the research consists of possible counter-designs of living together and their temporary exploration at the protest sites.

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