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Angelica Freitas

Published onAug 24, 2022
Angelica Freitas

Angelica Freitas is a poet from Brazil. She has published three books of poetry: "Rilke Shake", "Um útero é do Tamanho de um Punho" (A Uterus is the Size of a Fist) and "Canções de Atormentar" (Tormenting Songs), the first two published in Germany and translated by Odile Kennel.

Her poems have been published in Granta, Poetry, Alba, and Modern Poetry in Translation. Rilke Shake was translated into English by Hilary Kaplan and won the Best Translated Book Award in 2016. Freitas came to Berlin with the DAAD Berlinerkünstlerprogramm in July 2020 and has lived here since.

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