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Roundtable: Storytelling, Re-Writing Histories

Published onSep 21, 2022
Roundtable: Storytelling, Re-Writing Histories

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In this roundtable, we would like to think together on the implications and responsibilities of academic research and artistic practices concerning the storytelling narrated by social activists and people in vulnerable situation. For this, we invite artists, activists and academics (Zahra Gardi, Barbara Marcel, Juliana Streva, and Nagehan Uskan) to share about their practices and to discuss the challenges posed by the attempt to re-write histories, within and beyond academia and art spaces.

What stories are told, where they are told, how they are told and by whom? What is the role played by the researcher or the filmmaker in listening, writing or representing marginalized stories? How to disrupt the colonial legacy in producing research about people, based on extractivist and objectifying gaze, and to create collaborative relationships of sharing?

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